Technorati release related tags

Technorati have expanded the power of their tags with the release of a related tags feature. If you search for the tag, for example, you’re now shown all related tags – , , , , , , , .

Dave Sifry tells me that the way they are collating these synonyms and related terms is by seeing which tags are being commonly used together and then assuming that the most frequently used tag combinations are revealing a valuable relationship between terms. “I’m amazed that it works so well given how simple it is,” he says.

This is almost precisely what I suggested in January when tags were first released, and it’s a good step forward for tagging. One of the things I like about it is that it’s revealing the way that people are using tags together, rather than attempting to impose some sort of formal thesaurus. For example, if you look for the tag ‘language’, you also get the tags politics, English, projects, culture, writing, personal, and books, which I’m betting no one would have predicted in an imposed taxonomy.

Of course, I still have to remember to actually tag my posts…

5 thoughts on “Technorati release related tags

  1. Perhaps you could suggest to Dave Sifry that he talk to the Latent Semantic Analysis people at Colorado University. They have some fairly well developed techniques for divining the relationships among terms from their co-occurance patterns.

  2. I want to be able to subscribe to Tags via RSS!

  3. Flickr has been doing this for a while and recently started doing it as well. Only natural that Technorati joins in…

  4. First let me thank you for providing this type of information for people like me that are struggling with the format. I’m glad to see that the rel tags are relatively new. I thought I had missed the boat.

    Have you had any problems, after tagging a blog?

    I am experiencing some extra coding in my URLS which results in a broken link when someone performs a search. That makes the end user unhappy. And gives me indigestion.

  5. Brendan, no, I’ve never had a problem with tagging, but then, I usually forget to.

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