The BBC at the LSE

Up in London again today, this time to see Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC at the London School of Economics. Should be an interesting evening. Will attempt, if not actual live blogging as I’m not sure what the wifi situation is in the Hong Kong Theatre, then at least some rabid note taking. Give Thompson a taste of just how fast and accurate bloggers can be. And, of course, I’ve got my question planned…

2 thoughts on “The BBC at the LSE

  1. Suw — you never told us what was the question. And how did it go over?

  2. Ahh, I have notes! I just haven’t had the time to tidy them up and post them. Will try to get that done this weekend if I can. And I never did ask my question because by the time it came to asking it, I’d nearly fallen asleep.

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