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links for 2009-10-31

Simonsays: Online monitoring and political behaviour: survey of UK political parties Kevin: Simon Collister has a truly fascinating and rigorous look at how political parties in the UK track online influencers and engage with key political bloggers and with the public at large through digital networks. Simon "also tried to fit these findings into a critical framework based on the… Read more →

Playful 09

I’m at Playful ’09 today. I’m not going to be taking verbatim notes, as is my usual habit, but instead just jotting down a few random notes. Roo Reynolds Films based on games, often not very good. Minesweeper film trailer (from College Trailer). The only good film from a game is Tron. Leila Johnston Wrote Enemy of Chaos, adventure book… Read more →

links for 2009-10-30

Germany Looks at Ways to Protect Online Journalism – Kevin: German publishers have accused Google and other internet companies of exploiting their content to build lucrative businesses and have failed to share the rewards. The new ruling coalition of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats and the business-friendly, liberal Free Democratic Party have "pledged to create a new kind of… Read more →

Plain English fail

I wrote a post about jargon the other day, and in the comments someone asked me what I thought the worst bit of social media jargon was. I realised then that individual terms, even quite jargon-y ones, can be used in such a way that they can easily be understood because of the context. Equally, terms that by themselves don’t… Read more →

links for 2009-10-24

New York Times, still uncertain on charging, sets seven digital priorities » Nieman Journalism Lab Kevin: An off the record meeting at the New York Times leaked to Nieman Journalism Lab provides a look at how the New York Times is struggling with losses, staff cuts and 'spreading the gospel of integration' in the newsroom. It's really worth reading, and… Read more →

links for 2009-10-23

Clive Thompson on Why Idling Mind Is Mother of Invention | Magazine Suw: Put this together with proxies for productivity and we have a bit of a problem brewing about traditional models of what work is. (tags: work daydreaming clivethompson productivity)

John Mair demonstrates how to really not get it

I’m sure everyone’s fed up of the Jan Moir debacle that’s been occupying the UK Twittersphere for the last week, but I was made rather cross by this ill-judged and misinformed article by John Mair on yesterday. For those of you blessed enough not to have heard about the Jan Moir/Daily Mail controversy, suffice it to say that she… Read more →

Requirements for success

I have been reading over some of the material that I’ve written for clients past and gathering some of the more widely applicable pieces together for a new client. A lot of my advice hasn’t changed from when I first wrote it, other than sometimes the names of tools. Anyway, I’m going to chuck a few bits and pieces up… Read more →

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