FOR HIRE: I’m leaving the Guardian

FOR HIRE: That was the subject line of an email that I sent to Neil McIntosh, then of the Guardian, in the summer of 2006. I had met Neil at the Web+10 conference at the Poynter Institute in the US in 2005 before I came to London, and the email was a long shot. I wanted to stay in the UK with my then girlfriend, now wife, Suw, and my options were running out at the BBC. I had managed to extend my temporary assignment in London once, but now we were bracing for my return to the US to my old post, Washington correspondent of We expected to be separated by an ocean for months. Fortunately, that’s not what happened. A few days later I met with Emily Bell and, after what can be described more as a meeting of the minds than a job interview, I had an offer.

Now, three and a half years later, I’m joining many of my colleagues in accepting another offer from the Guardian, voluntary redundancy. My last day is 31 March. I don’t have a new position confirmed at this point, although Suw and I have a number of exciting possibilities. Like my colleague Bobbie Johnson, I’ve picked up a bit “entrepreneurial zeal” not only from the technology pioneers that I’ve covered, but also from the journalism pioneers that I’ve worked with both at the BBC and the Guardian. Suw and I want to continue to push the boundaries in our fields and we’re both open to new opportunities. If you’ve got a cutting edge journalism or social media project, get in touch.

It’s been a real honour to work at the Guardian and I’m grateful to everyone who helped me. We’ve achieved a lot in the past three and a half years, although it felt like we were always impatient to do more.

Despite the wrenching changes in journalism right now, I’m optimistic. Suw and I are excited about writing the next chapter of our careers. For me, I’m hoping it will be one that helps journalism make the transition to the future. I have almost 15 years of experience in digital, multi-platform journalism, both in strategy, implementation and just doing it, and I’m thrilled by some of the options that Suw and I have before us at the moment. Nothing is settled, though, so I’m still open to offers, as well as being available for short-term writing and freelancing. If you’ve got something exciting in the works and need one of the most experienced hands in digital journalism, get in touch.

40 thoughts on “FOR HIRE: I’m leaving the Guardian

  1. Best of luck, Kevin. I know you will land somewhere soon and look forward to seeing what comes next.

  2. Good luck for the future both of you! I’m sure some interesting and innovative things will come your way and I look forward to hearing all about your next steps!

    As one door closes an opportunity opens up! I can’t wait to find out what it is!

    Enjoy the break (if you get one of course!0


  3. Best wishes – glad to hear it was a voluntary type thing (that I assume comes with some cushioning) instead of the type that comes with a single brown box and a security guard. You’re amazing at what you do so I can’t wait to hear about your next project!

  4. I’m sure you’ll do just fine. People as smart as you don’t come along all that often. 🙂

    And if not, I’ll give you a shout when I need a roadie 😉


  5. Buena suert in your new endeavours! There are plenty of opportunities out there, and many of them need you.

  6. Thanks everyone, really, I mean that. This is the first time that I’ve left a job without someone lined up to go to so the support really means a lot. That being said, Suw and I have been cooking up some pretty exciting ideas, and I’ve had a few really exciting ones come into my inbox. (Keep ’em coming by the way.)

  7. Definitely the Guardian’s loss. Perhaps we could coordinate a US consulting tour to help media organizations more forward in innovation. I have friends in Columbus that still buzz about your brief stop at our Social Media Cafe event there.

    Tim (now in St. Louis)

  8. In your honour, I am walking around the flat shouting “WTF?” to whatever Egyptian will suffer me.

    What can I say, your bosses are acting in short-term interests in letting you skip out under “redundancy.”

    You are amazing, Kev, and I know will find inventive ways to bring your considerable digital journalism skills to bear on new stages TBA.

    Silly Guardian. I am considering filing a formal enquiry. Really. I mean, you know, if I only knew how.


  9. Kev,

    Change. We talk about it a lot. But, typically, do much less of it. All the best with winding down at the Guardian and with the new adventures ahead .

    Of course, I’m already thinking of ways I can continue to work with you and Suw…

    Look forward to talking soon,


  10. You’re the first search result for “For hire” right now. Well best luck. I’ll dig a bit on your blog to see what was your position at the Guardian since i’m interested on all the work done on the technological/net side down there recently.

  11. I’m late to this, but wanted to wish you luck nonetheless. So, good luck. I’m sure you’ll land somewhere interesting. And if said interesting place is Washington, DC, I’ll buy you a beer.

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