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  1. See now I asked a guy on Twitter for this kind of stuff yesterday. He didn’t respond…then by sheer luck I get a retweet from Adam of ‘One Man and His Blog’. which compiles a list better than I could ever have hoped for.

    Obviously you guys having a glance at Dirty Garnet which has been going for a bit over a month now would be very appreciated. It’s a satirical site that aims most flak at the usual suspects, plus journalism and the stereotypes therein.

    Any feedback to the tune of good publishing or general recommendation from either of you folks would be great – a link to this blog will be present on my website momentarily by way of thanks. Sorry if I’m asking a bit much and no problem if you’ve not the time to e-mail some pointers; you’ve helped out massively with these links already.

    Pete Demain, editor at

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