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  1. Carl Morris
    Carl Morris at |

    Yes they could write a lot of superb WordPress plug-ins with $975,000. Maybe start by beefing up the WordPress media/image library tool to cope with larger sets and add custom fields for credits etc.

  2. Jacqueline Tsuma
    Jacqueline Tsuma at |

    You make a good point, the reason they choose not to customize existing CMS’s for their uses may very well be ego, or business, or both. Since they have already chosen to go open source, we can presume the platform they develop will be available for community use. As open source systems provide opportunities for income generation through charging for customization services, perhaps they may have strategy to ‘milk that cow’. That said, would make more sense to just customize OpenPublish, its quite robust… just my 2-cents.

  3. PDM
    PDM at |

    I would be interested to see the decision making process that KRF follow. Such an outcome is generally either the result of pure ignorance on behalf of the funders, or the result of the selection process manipulation/pressures/corruption, or both. KRF has been funding projects with dubious rationale all along. Just another lobby.

  4. Adam Tinworth
    Adam Tinworth at |

    My sense is that there’s a degree of hidden or unconscious snobbery in these sort of decisions – an underlying assumption that any CMS that has its roots in blogging or non “big corporate” publishing just won’t be up to the task: publishers are special and need special tools.

  5. Chris Amico
    Chris Amico at |

    I can’t help point out that this is at least the third open source CMS the Knight Foundation has funded, and the prior two have had serious issues:

    – The Populous Project was intended to be a solution for student newsrooms. To my knowledge, no completed version has ever been released.

    Radio: Engage was seriously overdue, doesn’t appear to be under active development and hasn’t made a serious impact.

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