Mobroadcasting breaking news

The potential for digital cameras to capture breaking news is in itself old news. News programmes have been using stills and footage sent in by viewers who happened to be in the right place at the right time for ages.

But I saw for the first time this morning an example of the ultimate in moblogging: Mobroadcasting. BBC South‘s news bulletins have this morning been illustrating a breaking news story with a still photo taken by a cameraphone, and have explicitly stated it as such.

The photo, of the plume of smoke caused by a serious fire that had just broken out, was easily as good as the stills you’d get from a ‘proper’ camera – testament to the quality of cameraphones now. Strangely, although the photo made it on to tv, it isn’t yet on the relevant BBCi page.

I wonder how long it will be before we have open collaborative mobroadcasting on our screens.

6 thoughts on “Mobroadcasting breaking news

  1. It seems as though it would be a great way for a television station to breed loyalty as well, to enlist all their viewers as amateur reporters, asking them all to enter a special blogging interface number in their speed dial, etc.

  2. It’s logical for websites, yes, but this is the first time I’ve seen a cameraphone photo used on the TV. Would love to know if it’s happened before!

  3. Reminds me of this .

  4. I have no doubt this will be a rapidly emerging trend globaly as the lines between media and consumers continue to blur. But at what point does transparency become invasion of privacy?

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