Three recent memes

BlogOffNot everyone was impressed by BlogOn (video archives). As I didn’t go, it’s hard for me to know whether I would have got something out of it or not, but if the video stream was anything to go by then the product demos at least were tedium on toast.

Fake Blogs – The ILoveBees blog, which refers to a faux-hacked site, has been revealed as a marketing blog. Does this mean it’s not a proper blog? Be interesting to see if Bungie Studios, the company behind it, can keep it up, or whether the blog just fizzles out.

Technorati had a makeover – and someone stole their nav. Technorati is a great tool, when it works, but the new design leaves a lot to be desired. It’s almost as if the last five years never happened and we’re back to segmented navigation, having to click on the logo to go back up to the home page in order to drill down again into another section. There’s been a lot of criticism of Technorati lately, due mainly to the fact that the site’s been up and down like BdJ’s knickers. Hopefully they can iron out their technical difficulties and return to reliability very soon.

3 thoughts on “Three recent memes

  1. who is this BdJ and does she/he blog?

  2. BdJ is Belle de [sic] Jour, and yes s/he does keep a blog. Belle’s persona is that of a London call girl but titillating is it may be, it is so poorly written I don’t really fancy linking to it. She won The Guardian’s weblog awards last year, (probably due to the discussions of her ‘clients’) and there’s been a lot of stuff in the papers as to who she may really be.

  3. First Belle de Jour is not [sic]! Second as you might remember, Jane Perrone of the Guardian weblogs said she thought her writing was “quite good” actually. What don’t you like about her writing?

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