Podcasting, attempt 2

Still trying to get the podcast of the LSE debate thing going using this Feedburner feed. This should not be this difficult.

UPDATE: Ok, this isn’t working either. It appears to be because the Strange feed is excerpt-only (not my choice, and I can’t change it), so you’re going to have to download the file the old-fashioned way.

3 thoughts on “Podcasting, attempt 2

  1. What is the problem? I have 2 podcasts myself. I see you are on a server that supports PHP. The easiest way to make an RSS feed for podcasting if you have PHP access it to use dircast from http://www.shadydentist.com/wordpress/software/dircaster

    All you have to do is edit the one PHP just a bit to put in your podcast name and a few other things and it will make your RSS feed automatically for you and will update the feed when you put up a new podcast.

    If you need any help with it, contact me either of my podcast sites:


  2. For FeedBurner you need to make sure to choose “SmartCast” if you wish to have enclosures for mp3 files. You make consider making an .m3u link so people can just stream the file instead of only have the option to download it.

    There is a howto here: http://undergroundmedia.org/streaming-podcast-option-is-easy

    Good luck. . .

  3. Brian: I think the problem was with the original feed format, which was excerpt-only. I now have a full feed, but haven’t tested the whole podcasting thing yet. We’re using MT, but I’m only a contributor so can’t do things like add the plug-ins that make podcasting in MT possible. We’re working on it though. 🙂

    Jascha: Yes, I had ‘SmartCast’ enabled, but as the original feed was excerpt-only I don’t think it was picking up the link. Thanks for the .m3u tip!

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