introduce fees have introduced fees for the use of their service:

Everyone asks “How does pay its bills?” That question is even more important as we plan new ways for you to grow your group and have better Meetups. To get there together, we are introducing a required small monthly Group Fee to be paid by Organizers.

Do all members pay?

No. Organizers pay the Group Fee to and may ask their members to chip in. It’s up to the Organizers. The fee is per group, not per person.

Organizers have already started to step down, preferring to use some other way of organising events than paying the $19 (or even the discounted $9) a month that are now charging. I’d love to know how many of them are now going to abandon ship and how many feel that the service provided by is worth the money, but I’m betting that aren’t going to be sharing that information any time soon.

UPDATE: MSNBC has more.

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  1. Meetups newly offers to print business cards and stand up tent cards for subscribers. A word processor, tear-apart business cards and a marker can do the same. Moreover, the forum boards were ungainly to manage. They are populated with stuck official meetup messages and are unable to accept uploaded files for meeting minutes. I stepped down as organizer. If one calculates the opportunity cost of an organizer’s time, one could say that an organizer was already paying

  2. We left all our groups!… what a joke. We just got started with our non important group as MEETUP might think. We were just starting to grow. WE left ship and went over to the free service of Yahoo groups – not that we wanted to. But since our group was as we feel important to us but not to MEETUP we left. It was sad since we (6 other members that I know of) had just gotten together and were scheduling up coming event this weekend but we were not willing in any way to pay such a fee as the disconted fee of $9 US dollars a month. Hello! MEETUP nothing like driving your business into the ground with one email.

    Yesterday as I left all 7 of my groups (4 of which I was the organizer of which would have cost me/myself $36 dollars a month for the year 2005 and then it would have gone to $76 dollars a month just to be able to meet other people with the same interests as I did. The groups that I belonged to were from Dog Obedience to Knitting to a Health Issue. Needless to say all the feedback that I was seeing was the downfall of As I was removing all my information and other stuff before I completely left the service I watched to totals on the left side of the counter of groups and members… hum… it kept changing… I was sad to leave but as a person living in CALIFORNIA that has to pay the highest price for GAS in the country, we were shocked that a service such as this would take such a large gamble and charge the fees like they were saying. Heck I can go and Register a Domain name and have a website hosted for cheaper then what MEETUP was charing. What a JOKE! Are they serious? I held on to all hope that it was a scammed email at first but after reading MEETUP great joy of the fee service, I had no other choice then to leave. I even emailed MEETUP for a response to my questions with no reply. GOOD BYE Good ridancy MEETUP!


  3. I’m not an organizer, but I’m pretty sure our South Bay blogger meetup will move off of, given that we’d done so once before when they got too annoying with the locations. Used a site put up by our organizer instead (gee, somebody in a meetup group of bloggers being able to setup a website. Who’d a thunkit?).

    I guess they just don’t get it.

  4. Many former meetup users are flocking to Meetin is a large social group for adults (approximately 30,000 members worldwide) and like meetup, started as a grass roots effort. Word of mouth has brought in the membership, and gladly given donations keep FREE. Who wants to pay for friends?

  5. I’ve been nurturing two Meetup groups, but I told them today we’ll be moving. It’s amazing they’d start charging like that.

    I just posted an article on my personal Web site that compares two free event services, ours and another, that Meetup organizers are looking at to replace Meetup:,content=122

  6. Yeah right on, fuck the I worked my ass off getting people to their fucking web and what did I get? A bill 9 Dollars a month???? Later on it’s 19 Dollars??? Buenas noches fuckers. Who’s is going to pay that. Appart from the Western world I can’t imagine people paying for this shit in for ex. China (where I live). For that money I get my own website and push it on google. Let’s write some protest letters to them. Maybe together it works. Their managers must be nuts. Classical lose-lose situation. Let’s protest!

  7. This is a damn shame. The organizers are the ones who make something real. To penalize them is just foolhardy. Charge the members some pittance and give the organizers a break.

    That way you’d eliminate the “hangers on” who don’t ever go to events. Plus there’d be an incentive to actually get more involved.

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