More thoughts on opening up journalism

As I wrote in a post about audience-driven journalism, I was thinking out loud about a thread that has been called open-source journalism,‘users know more than we do’ journalism and networked journalism. I promised some more posts, but here’s a good overview (with the usual help of my editor-in-the-residence Suw) over at Mabye this is news as collaboration?

3 thoughts on “More thoughts on opening up journalism

  1. I think that the Mumbai Help ( bloggers were a magnificent example of citizen journalists at work. They did so much to gather and report information after the terrorist bombings in their city. It was so interesting to hear their accounts on World Have Your Say today (11 July 2006).

  2. Steve,

    There have been a lot of blog-driven relief efforts in South Asia, beginning with the Tsunami. I was impressed by the efforts at the Mumbai Help blog as well. The SMS information to send messages to relatives on national TV networks, the emergency numbers for so many hospitals and rail companies. It was an impressive bit of self-organisation. They are even working to develop wikis to help with logistics.

  3. I guess that I might have to eat some of the words in my comments to your other post “What would audience-driven journalism look like?” and article on I’m concerned that citizen journalism may not work during a disaster when part of the communications infrastructure is down. In Mumbai, some of the phone systems were out, but people were still able to go on-line and call Bush House in London. Go figure. I also watched your blogging videos at IntoMedia, and you cited examples of people who were audioblogging as they were fleeing Hurricane Katrina. Maybe citizen journalism can function in more situations than we (or I) think.

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