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  1. News’ Forbidden City « BuzzMachine
    News’ Forbidden City « BuzzMachine at |

    […] Except one might have heard these things some years ago … from Messrs. Curley and Murdoch themselves. Suw Charman-Anderson does a wonderful job making them eat their earlier words. […]

  2. Pim Van Hemmen
    Pim Van Hemmen at |


    This is simply brilliant. Thank God for the internet and bloggers. How else would one be able to quickly find these contradictory statements over time and put them out there for international consumption?


  3. Darren Hillock
    Darren Hillock at |

    Murdoch and Curley circa 2009 also ignore that more and more original news reporting is being done by new news organizations that have no print component. They seem to lump them in with the thieves and plagiarists, while Murdoch and Curley of years gone by seem liek they would have welcomed such developments.

  4. This week in media musings: Obama v. Fox News, and NPR’s social media tact | Mark Coddington

    […] easy for Jeff Jarvis, who dismantles their assertions with a lesson on the collaboration economy. Suw Charman-Anderson also has fun with the contradictions between what they’re saying now and what they’ve […]

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