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Infoporn Friday

Infoporn Friday

First up, David McCandless’ Billion Pound-O-Gram which very neatly allows us to compare how big various large sums of money are in relationship to each other: Then there’s this Periodic Table of Visualization Methods. Mouseover each ‘element’ for an illustration of the method. And finally, Pedro Cruz’s visualisation of the decline of the world’s four major maritime empires, which is… Read more →

links for 2009-11-27

More emerges on Microsoft’s dance with newspapers Kevin: Mike Butcher adds more detail on Microsoft's discussion with Rupert Murdoch's News International about 'de-indexing' their content from Google and being paid by Microsoft as an exclusive search provider on Bing. The most interesting tidbit: "Money talks, obviously, and we understand that the payments could be a) part in revenue share from… Read more →

Merlin Mann’s Time & Attention talk

I love Merlin Mann’s way of thinking about productivity, the way that we work and our relationship with our working life. This is a great talk that he gave last year about, yes, Time & Attention. Merlin talks about our relationship to email, the usefulness of re-negotiation, and our need to recognise that our time and attention are scarce resources… Read more →

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