Liveblogging Multimedia Meets Radio & TV

Welcome to Geneva. I’m speaking tomorrow at the European Broadcasting Union’s Multimedia Meets Radio conference.

I feel like I’m at a meeting of the UN. They have little headphones so I can listen in English in case my Finnish is a bit rusty or non-existent in this case.

My biggest exposure to Finnish was the fake credits in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

It makes me want to go all Khruschev and bang my shoe on the table, but I stayed up too late working on my presentation to get thrown out that quickly.

Michael Mullane, who invited me to take part is also liveblogging here.

That leaves me free to live blog today.

I’m really keen to understand how other broadcasters bridge the cultural and logistical divides between their new media teams and their brodcast teams. That’s a huge challenge. Different deadlines, different working practices and different attitudes towards innovation.

And I want to know how they are tailoring content for different platforms. How do you balance the unique opportunities on each platform while balancing it with the limited time and resources?