WeMedia: Accountabiliby and quality

Neha, part of the brilliant Global Voices network, had this brilliant post about Citizen Journalism, a term that I really don’t like for a number of reasons I can’t write about now, but will later.

Here’s what Neha has to say.:

Over and over again – the point about how journalists are equipped to fact check (which apparently bloggers can’t) is being repeated. So here’s the deal. Blogger and Amateur aren’t synonyms. There are journalists with incredible experience who choose to blog for the freedom it provides, and because it lets them lay out more information and reflect on the nature of news. A blogger may or may not want to be known as a journalist. It’s NOT an Us Vs. Them situation.

You tell ’em Neha.

I was being snarky in my last post about Helen Boaden’s discomfort. But I get the feeling that some of us in large media organisations want citizen journalists’ content but they don’t want the messiness of the blogosphere. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways. It’s messy out there. Always has been. A simplistic worldview filtered through a media defined by scarcity.

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