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What are the big name corporate and brand blogs in the UK? The New Pr Wiki – an invaluable resource for anyone into business blogging – has a list of CEO/leadership and corporate blogs, which I have shamelessly reproduced below. But are Thomson and Guiness really the only big brands blogging in the UK? Surely there must be more than that?

UPDATE: Have added more to the list, and slightly rearranged things so we have business blogs, whether by individuals, and whether branded or not, and official household name consumer-facing blogs. Are there any more of the latter?

2nd UPDATE: Added even more, and have been pointed at this BritBlogs category by Stuart Bruce. I am not going to sift through it for additions, because I’m not sure that’s going to actually achieve my aim. I’ll admit, I was hoping to see more household names.

British business blogs

Matt O’Neill, Activ Media

David Rossiter, Analyst Insight

Andy Hayler, Kalido

David Terrar, Managing Director, D Squared C


David Ferrabee, Hill & Knowlton

Joel Cere, Hill & Knowlton

Niall Cook, Hill and Knowlton

Sally Costerton, Hill & Knowlton

Richard Charkin, Chief Executive, Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

Chris Lewis, CEO, LEWIS PR

Jon Silk, LEWIS PR

Ellee SeymourProActive PR

Richard Gaunt and Glenn O’Neil, Benchpoint

Interactive PR (not sure if this is a business or a group of like-minded individuals)

James Warren, director of web relations, Weber Shandwick

Mark Shanahan, Leapfrog Corporate Communications

David Phillips, ManagementClarity

Michael Blowers, Media Evaluation Research

Andrew Brown, Mediaklik

Andrew B. Smith, Object Marketing

Antony Mayfield, Harvard Public Relations UK

Rainier PR Breakfast Bulletin

Justin Hayward, MS&L

Simon Collister

Alan Moore, Managing Director, SMLXL

Melanie Surplice, Factiva


David Tebbutt, Managing Director, Brainstorm Software

DrKW Telco Tech

Drew Benvie, LEWIS PR

David Davis, PR consultant (is that a business blog?)

Audacious Communications

Adrian Cronin-Lukas, Director, Big Blog Company

Custom Communication

Blog Relations and The Angel Blog

Mark Borkowski

Paul Woodhouse, The Tinbasher

Modern Marketing

JP Rangaswami, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, UK

“Consult The Guru PR & Marketing Blog

Dan Leach Dot Com

Edelman UK

Thomas Mahon, English Cut

Dave Jennings, CEO, Envigour Systems Ltd.




Mark Rogers, CEO, Market Sentinel

Net Resources

Net Resources

Stephen Davies

Stephen Newton, Public Relations Consultant

Public Relations Online

Stephen Waddington, managing director of Rainier PR

Neil MacLean, Reputation Plus

Simon Waldman, Director of Digital Publishing, Guardian Newspapers

David Upton, Director, Stirling Reid Limited

Stuart Bruce, Founder, Bruce Marshall Associates LLP

Jackie Danicki, Engagement Alliance

Baukejan and Vanessa

Eie Flud

Score Communications

Real Oasis



British* household name consumer-facing blogs

Thomson Holidays

The Guinness Blog


The Observer**

I’m on the hunt for more British business blogs – of all types – so please add suggestions in the comments!

* OK, English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish… not that I want to split hairs, frankly.

** Note, I didn’t include the Guardian blogs because they are subject focused, whereas The Observer blog is about The Observer… or at least, it was the last time I looked.

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