Help wanted: Movable Type wrangler and are you going to EconSM?

Everyone asks me if I have work for them at the Guardian, well yes indeed I do. We’ve got some exciting things coming with our blogs, and we need some more help wrangling Movable Type and developing some cool things. If you’re a Perl developer, check out this job description. It’s a six month contract position. Our current developer, Peter Corlett, has done a great job whipping Movable Type into shape, and now, we want to move forward with some cool things. I’ve got more ideas than Peter has time so we need another coder. We’re moving past the grunt work and into more innovative territory. Click on the link above to check out the job spec and apply. It says that the closing date was 12 April, but if you’re a strong candidate, it’s worth a try.

I’m also looking for someone who is going to the Economics of Social Media conference in Los Angeles. It’s a bit of a long trip for me to make for the day. If you’re going, let me know. I might be able to pay for a little blogging.

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