NMKForum07: Notes from a VC and disruptors

Just as Graham mentions what a great job I’m doing live blogging, I take a break to help Martin Stabe of the Press Gazette with an MP3 file of Dan Gillmor’s talk. TechDigest is live blogging, although I’m wonder why I’m throwing them a link seeing as they slightly twisted a quote from me.

(For the record, I said that Jemima Kiss is one of our great blogger journalists at the Guardian, along with Bobbie Johnson and Roy Greenslade, just to name a few. Blogging is not simply about publishing and sharp writing. It is about engagement. Journalists and corporate bloggers could learn a little from Jason Calacanis who is in comments here on Strange responding to comments about Mahalo.)

Martin Stabe has a great post focusing on new genres of journalism online. Speaking of Bobbie, he’s blogging at the Guardian’s Tech blog. And Jemima is blogging on Organ Grinder, the Guardian’s media blog. Robin Hamman from the BBC is blogging on Cybersoc with a couple of posts on UGC and journalism and a blogging roundup.