Speaking at X|Media|Lab Melbourne

Ideally, I should have blogged about this earlier, but I wanted to mention that I’ll be speaking at X|Media|Lab in Melbourne Australia this Friday. The theme is Digital Worlds: Social, Mobile, Virtual. Good news if you are able to make it, they have changed venue and have some more tickets available. I’ll be speaking about how what mass media companies need to do to become social media companies. I’ll be blogging the conference here and also on the Guardian’s Organ Grinder media blog. The rough schedule on Friday is:

9.30am Session One: Digital Worlds

Kevin Anderson

Head of Blogging and Interaction, The Guardian


Kim Dalton

Director of Television, Australian Broadcasting

Corporation (Sydney)

Dale Herigstad

Four times Emmy Award Winner, and Winner of the

inaugural Interactive Emmy Award (Los Angeles)

Shekhar Kapur

Film Director, Co-Founder Virgin Comics and Virgin

Animation (London/Mumbai)

11.30am Session Two: Online Video

Liz Heller

CEO and Co-founder Buzztone Inc (Los Angeles)

Marcelino Ford-Livene

General Manager, Interactive Content, Services

and Advertising Development, Intel Digital Home

Group; Governor of Interactive Media, Academy of

Television, Arts and Sciences (Los Angeles)

Brian Gruber

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer,

FORA.tv (San Francisco)

Jason Roks

Advisory Board Member, The Real News

(www.therealnews.com) (Ontario)

1.30pm Session Three: Mobile Communities

Francisco Cordero

General Manager Australia/NZ, Bebo

(London, Sydney)

Jennifer Lewis

Editor, STOMP (Singapore)

Martha Ladly

Director, Mobile Experience Design, Mobile

Experience Lab (Toronto)

Tom Kennedy

Director, Digital, Belong Group, Australia’s Leading

Digital Interactive Communications Company; Chair

of the Digital Content Action Agenda Experts Group

and Australian Film Commissioner (Australia)

Martin Hoffman

CEO, Loop Mobile (Sydney)

3.30pm Session Four: Virtual Worlds

Dr David Liu

Founder and President, Cyber Recreation District


Jason Romney

General Manager, Innovation, Telstra BigPond


Lizbeth Goodman

Director, SMARTlab Digital Media Institute, University

of East London (London)

Keren Flavell

Executive Producer, SLCN.TV (Melbourne)

Bruce Joy

Founder, VASTPARK, Australia’s own virtual worlds

platform (Melbourne)