A social network for wired journalists

Ryan Sholin, Howard Owens and Zac Echola in the US have started a Ning network for wired journalists and those looking to network and gain experience. The mission is:

WiredJournalists.com was created with self-motivated, eager-to-learn reporters, editors, executives, students and faculty in mind. Our goal is to help journalists who have few resources on hand other than their own desire to make a difference and help journalism grow into its new 21st Century role.

While it started in the US, there are already several international journalists who have joined. They are already talking about how to get started blogging, vlogging and shooting your own pictures. There is also a group on what to do when the layoffs come. There are a lot of Strange Attractor friends and readers who have joined the network already. I’m glad to have a virtual place to hang-out when we’re not blogging. See you there.

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