Newspaper burnout

Romenesko points out a study from Ball State University pointing that more than a quarter of newspaper journalists plan to ‘leave newspaper journalism’. One thing that should be particularly worrying is that the number wanting to leave the profession is higher for younger journalists. The conclusion is that newspaper journalist burnout is on the rise.

When those who said they wanted to leave the profession were asked why, “36 percent said money or salary was the reason, 27 percent said hours or schedule and 19 percent said stress or burnout. Also, a reference to family life was mentioned in 13 percent of the responses.”

One line that caught my attention is that there is opportunity for those journalists who leave newspapers:

He further speculated that many might try their hands at online media, and that those who do want to move away from newspapers but remain in the media have plenty of opportunities elsewhere.

If you’re thinking of leaving newspaper journalistm, feel free to leave an anonymous comment. I’d be interested in hearing your reasons for leaving.

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