Future of News: Data Mining, Visualization and Interactivity

I felt that it would be inconsiderate to the other panelists to live blog my own panel, but here is my presentation. And here are some links that I used in creating the presentation.

I’ll add some more after the panel is done including some links to Matt Hurst of Microsoft Live Labs and David Blei with the Department of Computer Science at Princeton.

Matt showed some excellent visualisations of the connections between bloggers as well as some very fascinating graphs showing the blog buzz about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and the clear inflection point in January after his win in the Iowa caucuses. Fascinating stuff.
David showed some excellent examples of the automated analysis of of text such as a magazine’s archive, the Huffington Post and the political blogs Daily Kos and RedState. I think there is an opportunity here for news organisations to use these techniques to do some data-mining of their own archives, both for their readers and themselves.
It was a great panel, and we had a great discussion with the audience. Thanks to everyone involved.

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