Gone walking

Suw at the trail head Suw at the trail head in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

I can’t believe that Suw is letting me drag her out walking again, but she has. Last year, she let me drag her up a mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park. This year, we’re off for the next week to hike Offa’s Dyke Naitonal Trail in the Welsh marches, the area along the Welsh-English border. It’s much more mellow and some lovely B&B’s along the way, but it’s still a 70-mile walk.
Suw is taking her iPhone, and I’m taking my Nokia N82, mostly because it’s the lightest 5-megapixel camera we have. Apart from that, it’s a technology-free, blogging-free week. We’ll see in week, hopefully rested and relaxed.

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