links for 2008-11-17

  • Jeff Jarvis responds to Adrian Monck and Roy Greenslade who say that journalists are blameless in the decline of print journalists. I think the key lines from Jeff are these: "My purpose in rebutting Farhi, Greenslade and Monck is not to flagellate journalists but to empower them. To take responsibility for the fall of journalism is to take responsibility for its fate. Who'll try to save it if not journalists?"
  • Craig Stolz condences an online discussion amongst journalists and Jeff Jarvis about the death of journalism, or more precisely the current woes of print journalism into six Twitter-size summaries. Jeff responds saying that blame doesn't matter, but responsibility does. I think the key take away is that journalists aren't powerless in this. They can change. They can take their own futures into their hands, but the sad thing is that many journalists have put more energy into defending the past rather than preparing for the future.