links for 2008-12-16

  • Keith and the Girl is a great little podcast that I listen to occasionally, and if traditional media want to make the transition from mass media to social media, they should read these tips. I'll be writing about my recent US election road trip, and I used many of the same techniques to build community around the project. Live events and rewarding your most passionate supporters are a good place to start. If you reward positive behaviour instead of just punishing negative behaviour, you'll grow a strong, happy community.
  • Is consolidation the answer that will save newspapers? If it was, Gannett would be doing better.
  • Heather Hughes is asking question that a lot of journalists are asking right now. What next? The photojournalist left newspapers after climbing the ranks only to find her opportunities drying up. The fact of the matter is that the market for journalists is shrinking, and many of us who had planned to spend the rest of our lives doing journalism have to consider something else to do. She started her own wedding photography business, but I wonder what text journalists will do. The one thing she asks fellow photojournalists is not to undercut each other and agree to cutrate fees. During desperate times, she advises not to give into desperation.