links for 2009-01-17

  • Kevin: Robin Hamman looks at how Twitter has changed how he filters information. "I realised yesterday that I haven't looked at my RSS reader since Christmas or earlier, and that my number of delicious links has gone from maybe 10 a day to just a trickle. That's because I'm using twitter as a sort of human filtered RSS reader: most of the people I used to subscribe to I now follow and the people I follow tend to tweet about the best things they post or read. " The network is the filter.
  • Kevin: Lisa Williams proposes and interesting concept based on the analogy of Amazon's EC2, a cloud computing service. It's another way to look at the changing business model of journalism. Business model discussions tend to focus on revenue streams, but I think it's also important to reconsider working methods and work flows. Are there more efficient ways to do what we've traditionally done in journalism? I think so.