links for 2009-02-13

  • Kevin: Steve Outing pierces some of the recent (and largely recycled) talk about micropayments and news content. As Online Journalism Blogger Paul Bradshaw says, newspaper content isn't like iTunes. You listen to songs several times, you don't read newspaper content several times. But Steve looks at a new model, Kachingle. Briefly, Kachingle takes the US National Public Radio voluntary supporter model with a model that allows users to reward content providers they like and not just traditional media but also bloggers. Steve goes through the details. It's a new idea. Will it work? Dunno. But it might be worth trying.
  • Kevin: Lisa Williams of Placeblogger writes about how journalists, just as technology workers before them, can survive and thrive as big companies fail. She writes: "You'll discover what thousands upon thousands of tech workers discovered: you can do great work outside of an institutional, big-company context, and you can make a living doing so. High tech companies didn't own innovation; the innovators did. News organizations don't own journalism: journalists do."
  • Kevin: Dan Lyons behind the Fake Steve Jobs talks about his time of obsessive blogging, and Robert X. Cringely writes: "We're at the end of one era on the blogosphere and the beginning of another. What the new one will be like nobody can say. Will the amateurs fade away and leave the game to people who actually know how to write and report? Or will the marketers complete their coup, leaving the rest of us old journos to scramble for jobs at Wal-Mart?"