links for 2009-07-09

  • Kevin: "
    Ron Royals / Corbis

    24/7 Wall St. has come up with 10 ways in which Twitter will permanently change American business within the next two to three years, based on an examination of Twitter's model, the ways that corporations and small businesses are currently using the service and some of the logical extensions of how companies will use Twitter in the future"

  • Kevin: You can now toggle the advanced Google Image search options to restrict images to those with a Creative Commons license, ready for certain re-use.
  • Kevin: A gem from 1994 by Jon Katz, that's right 1994. Katz wrote: "Over the past decade, newspapers have made almost every kind of radical move except transforming themselves. It's as if they've considered every possible option but the most urgent – change." Nope. We never saw the current problems coming. You keep believing that if it makes you feel better.
  • Kevin: Scott Rosenberg talks about how most journalists don't understand the motivations for why people blog. Journalists write professionally, for money, for fame, for influence.

    Scott says: "But nowhere in his world is there room for the actual motivation that drives most bloggers: a desire to express themselves, to think out loud, to exult in the possibilities of writing in public — and learn from the pitfalls, too. Maybe there’s a payoff in enhancing your reputation, but there can also be a payoff in simply enhancing your experience at communicating your thoughts and ideas. Speaking to a big crowd is alluring but speaking even to a small group of friends is rewarding, too. For the great majority of participants, blogging is a social activity, not an aspiration to mass-media stardom."

    Spot on.

  • Kevin: "Hoping to compete with emerging foreign markets and prevent another major industry collapse, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Tuesday the city’s launch of eight initiatives aimed and drawing and keeping new media technologies in the Big Apple.'

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