links for 2009-07-16

  • Kevin: Clay Shirky writes: "The change we’re living through isn’t an upgrade, it’s a upheaval, and it will be decades before anyone can really sort out the value of what’s been lost versus what’s been gained. In the meantime, the changes in self-assembling publics and new models of subsidy will drive journalistic experimentation in ways that surprise us all."
  • Kevin: Google explains what any geek knows. If news publishers want to prevent the search giant from indexing their content, they can do that tomorrow. Will they? The ball is in the news publishers' court, and quite frankly, seeing as a solution exists alreday for newspapers to 'protect' their content from Google, these publishers might have little chance in court of winning a case against Google. Instead, the newspaper publishers want to change the rules of the internet. It also shows once again how newspaper publishers show an amazing ignorance (and arrogance) when it comes to the basic working of the internet. As I've said before, if newspapers want to wage war against the internet, when they think they are just waging war against Google, I know which side I'm on. Don't break the internet to make up for a broken, but repairable, business model.