links for 2009-07-14

  • Kevin: Alex Linde writes: "So then, people want intelligent witty (and perhaps tabloid) articles that are insightful, relevant and easy to read – just like they always have. But I’m not going to pay for them, and I can change provider in an instant. So good luck to the newspapers, if they can’t reinvent their businesses they’re toast."
  • Kevin: Dana Oshiro at RWW writes: "At the recent Real-Time CrunchUp 2009, Khris Loux, CEO of one of the web's largest commenting services, announced the
    "death of the comment". This declaration was extremely significant as Loux's JS-Kit is currently installed on over 600,000 sites. He blames the death on social media sites like Twitter and Flickr and the rise of "parallel channels away from [the] product". In essence, dialogue has moved from a singular destination to a series of parallel but separate social networking channels."
  • Kevin: Robin Wauters at TechCrunch writes: "International publishers demand new intellectual property rights protection to safeguard the future of journalism.

    That’s the title of a press release distributed late last week by the European Publishers Councel (EPC), which you can find here. Pretty heavy stuff, right? They don’t ask, they demand. They’re not looking for more effective application of the current IP rights protection, they want an entirely new one. And once they’ve secured that, the future of journalism will be safeguarded (hold the applause)"