links for 2009-11-02

  • Kevin: A graph showing the circulation of major US newspapers over the last two decades. It's an interesting visual, but as people in the comments say (or speculate about), we don't really have a sense of what drove this. Is it the Huffington Post? Google News? Issues of coverage, trust and politics? The graph is grim reading for anyone working at these major US metro newspapers. However, it's a graph that gives rise to more questions than it answers.
  • Kevin: Richard MacManus of ReadWriteWeb looks into the details of a report from ChangeWave in the US. I'm assuming that this is for the US market and not the global market. Their research shows a surge in Apple iPhone versus Research in Motion's (RIM) Blackberry in the consumer market. The most important data in this report is really about customer satisfaction. Apple's iPhone is miles ahead of the competition with 74% of customers saying they are very satisfied versus 43% for RIM, 33% for Palm, 32% for Motorola and 29% for Nokia and Samsung.
  • Kevin: Layar is Dutch augmented reality company whose application runs on Android devices, iPhone and as of last week, Symbian Nokia. Augmented reality layers extra information on top of the view based on information from the GPS, compass and accelerometer in smartphones. The company looks to have closed $1m in funding.
  • Kevin: Staci Kramer reports: "One of the longest-running guessing games for New York Times insiders and observers may be nearing an end: will the paper charge again for content online and what form would a pay program take? Now after months of deliberation, Executive Editor Bill Keller tells Public Editor Clark Hoyt he guesses a decision is coming “within a matter of weeks.” And yet it doesn’t sound like he sees a straight path to that decision: 'It’s a much tougher, more complicated decision than it seems to all the armchair experts. There is no clear consensus on the right way to go.'"
  • Kevin: "Google Wave is a new web-based collaboration tool that's notoriously difficult to understand. This guide will help. "