links for 2009-12-12

  • Kevin: A fascinating infographic showing the use of various web 2.0/social web services. The one quick thing to see on this map is how popular photo sharing is, popular and universally so. Social networking also is very popular around the world. Microblogging and blogging shows a wide variation in use around the world. One thing that is really veruy interesting is how popular social media is in Asia compared to Europe. For instance, 60% of China's internet users upload photos but only 38% of British users. Some 46% of Chinese internet users have blogged but only 8.4% of British users. Wow. That's huge.
  • Kevin: My colleague Mercedes Bunz has a great interview with media consultant Gary Hayes on how social media services such as Twitter are now being used effectively to reflect the community that builds around television shows. This is a great point by Hayes: "Most broadcasters and programme-makers are really missing a trick in not having a presence in the real-time discussion that surrounds "their" show – they don't need to control the conversation, they just need to be a voice of "the creator" or represent the production." The same could be said for news organisations. It's not about control but about showing up.

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