links for 2010-03-17

  • Kevin: A comparison between sales data for Motorola's Droid, Apple's iPhone and Google's Nexus One. There is some very good, nuanced analysis of the numbers, and this comment from the Android Guys: "Looking at the super phone that is the Nexus One over its first 90 days, one would get the sense that it's a monumental failure."
  • Kevin: The post covers a panel on crowdsourced or collaborative journalism from the online-only Seattle P-I and the New York Times, and Gizmodo. The Wikipedia quotes come for a separate interview by Mike Melanson at ReadWriteWeb. Robert Mackey, the reporter for the New York Times, said in terms of verifying content via Twitter and YouTube out of Iran last year, it wasn't possible. "The idea is that it's a conversation on the web about this event."