links for 2010-03-22

  • Kevin: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer celebrated a year as an online-only operation. It's an interesting article. They mention the work of Monica Guzman. I 'bumped into' Monica on Twitter when I was covering the 2008 US elections. She's got the right formula for high-engagement journalism. "But some of the new generation is relishing the conversation, which may be epitomized by Guzman, 27, and the followers of her popular Big Blog. She celebrates funky, techy, alternative Seattle in her posts and weekly coffee house meetings with readers."
  • Kevin: Google has a service that allows you to place ads on TV in the US. Seth Stevenson at Slate V(ideo) tries it out and found that they could buy a 30-second spot in the early hours of the morning on Fox News. For about $1300, their video was viewed by 1.3m people and they got about a thousand people to visit a special website that they had setup. Very interesting.