links for 2010-05-12

  • Kevin: Journalism professor Mindy McAdams is taking a deep look at HTML5. Mindy is known for her excellent books on Flash, and this one in a series of posts about the new HTML standard. She's writing about the developments in the new HTML standard that will drive desktop, mobile and other device development for the next decade. She's writing for fellow educators and students, but this is invaluable for editors as well.
    (tags: HTML5 howto)
  • Kevin: This is a summary of a James Fallows piece in the Atlantic magazine in the US looking at Google's plans for the news business. After interviewing several Google staffers, Fallow is convinced that the search giant is serious about helping newspapers. Emma Heald at the Editor's Weblog writes: "In Google's vision of making news sustainable, the first thing to note is that print is ignored. And a key element of the company's advice to newspapers is to continuously experiment."
  • Kevin: A rather stunning visualisation of Twitter from Japan.