links for 2010-05-19

  • Kevin: Google, Sony, Intel and Logitech, will demonstrate technology this week enabling users to flip seamlessly among shows, YouTube videos and home videos on their sets. It's called SmartTV, and while big backers don't guarantee adoption, this is definitely a major move in the "War for the Living Room". With consumers adapting apps on their mobile phones, there is an increasing expectation that previously closed devices should use software much the same way that computers do. With consumers also watching more video content via their computers, both trends are driving adoption of apps for the television set. There is a great stat in this story. There are already 1m internet-enabled TVs, and another 10m will be sold this year. It is estimate that a quarter of all TVs sold in Europe in 2010 will have networking capability.
  • Kevin: Yahoo buys low-cost content producer Associated Content. We've now got Deman Media, Associated Media and SEED all competing in the "low-cost, crowd-sourced content". This is going to be a brutal, hyper-competitive space. I'm not entirely sure what value this adds to Yahoo. As a hedge against long-time rival AOL, it might make sense. However, I just don't see what they stand to gain by entering a market that will be all about cutting costs at any cost.
  • Kevin: A look at five new news websites by Mashable with the conclusion: "Enterprising communities, a DIY culture, mobile devices, and better ways to sort through the flood of information (like semantic web) will be essential to the new ways in which we’ll stay informed each day." Everyblock,, Wikileaks, Chicago Now and Fwix. Most of these sites aren't new, but they are trying new things in terms of news and information.