links for 2010-06-21

  • Kevin: Loud3r provides semantic filtering technology for news and information, and it already has some big clients including a hyperlocal project by the Chicago Tribune, ChicagoNow. The Loud3r teams asks two questions about filtering solutions: 1 Does the solution deliver a comprehensive view of the topic to the reader? A comprehensive view includes Tweets, Blog posts, News articles, Photos and Videos.
    2 Does the solution effectively improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the reading experience?
    One of the key observations that the Loud3r team makes is this: "There’s not very much unique content produced every day. I know that seems like heresy, but 90+% of the content is simply sharing, reposting and duplication."
  • Kevin: Finanical analysts at firms such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Barclays Capital are trying to use the 'hot news' doctrine in the US to limit aggregators from pulling together their "most closely held, time-sensitive and valuable information product: The daily stock recommendations generated by their financial analysts." The hot news doctrine stems from a 1918 case in the US where a rival to the Associated Press tried to repackage news from the wire service for west coast markets. The US Supreme Court concluded that the rival had engaeged in unfair competition.