Apologies for the multiple posts

I just wanted to apologise to those of you who saw your RSS feeds or Google Reader overwhelmed with multiple posts of the same Delicious links over the last few days. We’ve long auto-posted our bookmarks from Delicious, and something happened over the weekend in which it posted the same link about every hour for several hours. We’ve disabled the feature or have tried to disable it.

Hopefully that will sort things out. We’re going to investigate another way to share our bookmarks. We’ve long used Delicious as much for the great community there as anything, but sadly, Yahoo hasn’t really done much to move the service forward. In the meantime, we’ll probably just do a lot of short posts here in Strange Attractor.

Apologies again, and we’re monitoring the situation to make sure that it is resolved. Thanks for your patience, and thanks to the readers who politely emailed or sent us a direct message on Twitter to flag up the issue.