What pandemic playbooks taught media companies about resilience PLUS Manchester’s The Mill shares it’s two-year break-even growth plan for local news

Agility both in terms of operations and also in terms of where they sourced talent has been an important lesson for media managers during the pandemic, and they are relying on those lessons as they prepare for next turn of the economic screw. Digiday reviews what other lessons in resilience they will focus on in 2023. And the digital publishing industry review also looks into what is hot and what is not in terms of the ad industry in 2023.

In a very long look back, the New York Times looks back a decade ago when it introduced Snowfall, which has inspired a decade of long-form digital media storytelling or scrolly-telling as it has been sometimes called.

PLUS journalism.co.uk has a great overview of how newsletter-based The Mill in Manchester broke even in two years. It’s a playbook to study for sure. And a look at a YouTube powerhouse, Channel 5, not the UK’s Channel 5 but a group of young journalism upstarts using the platform to reach the massive audience there.

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WSJ, Insider, BDG among publishers revisiting pandemic lessons in business ops as potential recession looms – Digidaydigiday.com

BDG, Insider, WSJ and other publishers are bracing for the uncertainties of 2023 with lessons from the pandemic.

One of the the themes that seemed to gather more attention in the tail of 2022 was how to continue to manage hybrid working situations. This was driven not just by the desire of staff to work remotely but also the economic motivation of many publishers to reduce their costs by reducing their real estate portfolio. It’s been happening in newspapers for years, but it is spreading to other outlets now. They also learned about flexibility in ad sales. More about that in a minute.

‘Snow Fall’ at 10: How It Changed Journalism – The New York Timeswww.nytimes.com

The Pulitzer Prize-winning multimedia feature about an avalanche in Washington State changed the way The New York Times approaches storytelling.

They took what they learned in creating Snow Fall and productised it. They created tools and workflows.

The definitive Digiday guide to what’s in and out for advertising in 2023 – Digidaydigiday.com

From esports is dying to retail media hype, here’s what’s in (and out) for advertising in 2023.

What jumped out at me in this was how crypto ads and NFTs are so last year, but I am curious about how media will experiment with the metaverse. It feels like a bit of a blind alley for me, similar to 360 -degree video in which there will be a rush of largely undifferentiated projects without a sense of what really works in the medium.

Andrew Callaghan and Channel 5 Co-founders on New HBO Doc. Covering Jan. 6 Resurrectionwww.esquire.com

Channel 5 has gone from upstart YouTube channel to undeniably influential reporting powerhouse. And they’re just getting started.

How a group of young video journalists used YouTube to break into the mainstream.

The Mill’s two-year roadmap to breaking even | Media newswww.journalism.co.uk

The Manchester-based startup has convinced 1.5k people to pay for local news powered by newsletters. The CEO shares tips on early growth strategies

Grab the low-hanging fruit right away so that you have the runway for long-term, sustainable growth. This is a good, practical business case.

Coming to a Hawaii library near you: Honolulu Civil Beat is hosting pop-up newsrooms around the state | Nieman Journalism Labwww.niemanlab.org

“We learned that people have an interest if they can get to us.”

This is one trend that I keep an eye on, how local indie digital publishers are using libraries in different ways to

Ukraine, Queen lead Chartbeat’s list of 2022’s most-engaging stories – Poynterwww.poynter.org

But ESPN led the list with its story about sexual predator and former Penn State football player Todd Hodne

One of those great end-of-year links.

Google Releases Guide to Search Ranking Systems

Google has provided a short guide to help web publishers better understand their search ranking initiatives and perspectives.

A good guide to keep handy to inform your SEO efforts.

YouTube secures NFL Sunday Ticket in landmark streaming deal • TechCrunchtechcrunch.com

YouTube and the National Football League announced on Thursday that the two have reached a deal for the NFL Sunday Ticket.

YouTube’s deep pockets allow it to play in the big leagues.

Slow fade for Google and Meta’s ad dominancewww.axios.com

Online advertising’s dominant “duopoly” faces a wave of new challenges that are eating away at their numbers.

How the duopoly’s position is starting to fade and the challengers the are eating into their online ad revenue.

Most-Read ‘Mobile Insiders’ (But Don’t Waste Time Rereading Them) 12/22/2022

Most-Read ‘Mobile Insiders’ (But Don’t Waste Time Rereading Them) – 12/22/2022

Some sense of what mobile issues gained traction from a newsletter in 2022.

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