NUJ and Adam Tinworth’s ‘effing’ blog

This one is just too good to pass into my daily Delicious links. I think Adam Tinworth not only calls out someone at the National Union of Journalists for a passing reference to his ‘effing blog’, but he shows the power of a digital journalist. He quickly looked through his referrals, a log of links to his blog, but he also quickly did a reverse DNS lookup to find out where the referral was from. As Adam says:

Ah, yes. The NUJ’s e-mail system. Well, thanks folks. Nice to know that my union, which I have been a member of for the last 15 years thinks that the journalistic field in which I work – blogging – is “effing blogs”.
I wonder who LindaK is, and if she enjoyed the post?

Way to go Adam for showing them what digital journalism looks like.

UPDATE: Apologies for not linking to Adam’s blog when I first posted this. Thanks Adam for calling me out.