How ESPN is getting smarter with its Snapchat strategy

A hand holds a cube with the Snapchat logo
Snapchat User, by Blogtrepreneur, from Flickr, Some Rights Reserved

Hello dear readers, in today’s international media newsletter, the story that stood out for me was one looking at the success that ESPN is having with Snapchat. Snapchat, you remember that app, right? The one that Instagram has copy-pasted feature after feature?

As I often say in social media training sessions, Snapchat is mostly pointless for media folks – especially local media folks or media operations outside of the US and UK. The caveat to that is apart from a handful of verticals like fashion, or I guess sports.

As this Digiday+ ($$$) article points out, ESPN is running against the trend. The New York Times has ‘paused’ their channel, but ESPN is finding that their Snap efforts are helping drive viewers and revenue.

In addition to that, a few other headlines in today’s newsletter:

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