Audioblogging experiment

I’ve started a little audioblogging experiment over on Chocolate and Vodka wherein I forsake the written word in favour of recording audio posts. I’m using as my tool of choice and I am hoping to do nothing but blog verbally for the next week or so, although posting may be interrupted by a trip up to London.

My main reason for cutting out written blogging completely, except for excerpts, on Choclate and Vodka for this period is to force me to use the audioblog tool and to see whether I can get used to talking instead of typing. On the one hand, I currently feel terribly self-conscious recording myself whittering on, but on the other I fear that if I do get used to it the posts may end up as epic soliloquies that the blogging world may actually be better off without. Knowing how much I usually talk, this risk cannot be ignored.

Anyway, take a look at… I mean, listen to the experiment and feel free to leave comments. I’d love to know what you think of the audioblog experience – not necessarily the content, but the actual listening instead of reading part of it.

2 thoughts on “Audioblogging experiment

  1. Well, you’ve got a great voice for audioblogging! As for the experience of listening, I’ve listened to a few audioblog posts from various different people, and I always end up wondering where to look. Unlike listening to background music, when you’re listening to an audioblog post, you really want to concentrate on what is being said. (Or I do, anyway.) For me, that rules out reading anything on the screen – for the same reason I can’t read a book or anything else while someone else is talking to me. Those whose attention can be more successfully divided may not experience that.

    The big issue as far as audioblogging goes, I think, is that those who blog well are by and large quite good at articulating their thoughts in writing. We may be fantastic conversationalists when talking face-to-face with people, but audioblog posts are really just monologues. And how many of us like doing that, and do it well?

  2. Wow, all of the drawbacks of a blog post, with none of the actual advantages. I can’t skim, follow hyperlinks, find the post via a search engine, download it quickly over dialup, or read through it in less time than it takes you to laboriously sound it out for me. I get all the content of your regular blog, but with the convenience of checking my voice mail. Hey, that brings to mind a business plan…

    Major self-parody points for posting in Welsh.

    Audio comments seem to be disabled on Corante. Soon?

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