Links, blogrolls and patterns

danah boyd blogs about the patterns she observes in bloggers’ linking behaviours, some of which are very interesting. A few of her comments, though, leave a little to be desired in terms of comprehension of existing technologies which address some of her problems with links – something Joe Clark ably discusses.

3 thoughts on “Links, blogrolls and patterns

  1. It’s not for a lack of understanding that i don’t address things like XFN. It’s for a lack of use and the fact that there’s a long way before those make any sense to mainstream bloggers.

  2. danah, I think your post would have benefited from mentioning at least that there are some solutions available, even if they’re not widely adopted yet. Just discussing existing technologies which address the problem of qualifying relationship types opens up the conversation and allows people to investigate further. Maybe I’m just being completist about it, but ignoring a facet of the discussion because you don’t think it’s worth bothering with does make the post rather one-sided.

  3. There’s no argument that the post is incomplete. It’s not about pointing out solutions – it’s about analyzing the current state of affairs. The current state of affairs does not include XFN. There are a lot of reasons why i think XFN is flawed but there’s no way to analyze it’s effect given that it currently has none.

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