Blogs take a shine to Moore’s Law

Michael S Malone writes:

Is there a Moore’s Law of the Blogosphere?

The reason for asking that question is the announcement this week by blog tracker Technorati […], in its annual State of the Blogosphere report that the number of blogs in the world has jumped from 7.5 million in March to 14.2 million today.

In other words, in appears the blogosphere is doubling in size every five months. Or even more staggering — a new blog is being created out there somewhere every second.

Whenever you hear the word “doubling” related to anything high tech, the first thing that comes to mind is the Law of Laws in the digital world: Moore’s Law of Semiconductors.

If Moore’s Law holds true for blogs, in three years we’ll have 2,000 million blogs. And I bet people will still be talking about ‘bloggers’ as if we are al the same.

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