New business blogging survey

BlogOn and iUpload are doing a survey of business bloggers to find out more about how companies are using blogs. Preliminary results will be announced at BlogOn2005 Social Media Summit, 17-18 October at the Copacabana in New York.

As producer of BlogOn, and a chronic stats obsessive, I can only urge you to fill in the questionnaire – it’s fairly short, shouldn’t take you more than about three minutes – so that I have lots of data to play with. Word is we’ve already had a good number of respondents, which makes me deeply excited because I am just dying to find out what people really do with their business blogs.

2 thoughts on “New business blogging survey

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  2. I do customer surveys; I also use survey monkey. I think you left some good questions off the table. Including which technologies, how many in the contact database, how do you measure results, what are some unique uses of your blog you would like to communicate.

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