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I am sitting here at the WeMedia conference, and as a professional journalist, I of course have a degree in reading body language. It’s an incredibly important skill that all journalists are trained in. It’s what sets professional journalists apart from these amateurs. Look at the insightful analysis that the Washington Press Corps does everyday in reading the body language of our leaders. It’s essential to our role as the press in a democracy.

I’m sitting here watching someone several levels of bureaucracy above my head at the BBC, Helen Boaden. And she’s talking about blogs. Using that skill of interpretation of body language that only years of training have provided me as a journalist, I noticed that she was intensely uncomfortable when talking about bloggers and how they claimed the head of Eason Jordan of CNN last year. Bullying is what she calls it. But she’s bullish about citizen journalism.

Discomfort about blogs, but not about citizen journalism. Discuss.

(I’ll have to let Suw vouch for me that as an American I do actually have a sense of humour and sarcasm.)

UPDATE: Ms Boaden just said: “I want to know who checks the bloggers.” There’s a nugget for ya. WeMedia. More like US and THEM. And remember this, people who pay my bills. Just trying to prod us to be better so smile and breathe.

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  1. ‘course, given the cultural differences between Yanks & Brits, it may be that Ms. Boaden might have been expressing a deeply felt enthusiasm for blogging and bloggers. It’s just buried in a cold, class-ridden, stiff-upper-lipness, inaccessible to you easy-going, meritocratic, floppy-lipped American types. Or maybe not… which is a shame, cos the Buzz Machine blog from We Media was very heartening re. Aunty Beeb’s new Web 2.0 clothes.

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  4. ‘who checks the blogs’?

    It’s a non argument. If we over at the PSFK blogs get the sht kicked out of us immediately – via email and more importantly the comments box. A newspaper takes weeks to reply and publish complaints

    Citizen journalism grows not because there the “public” are in control of the writing – but the readers are in control of their media consumption.

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