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Why re-invent the CMS wheel?

Today on Twitter, Martin Stabe, fellow journalism blogger and new media journalist, and I were having a good back and forth about content management systems. Martin is a kindred spirit: Journalist through and through and blessed/cursed with technical skills. That’s another post lurking in the back of my head, and as so often, I digress. Martin said via Twitter: CMS… Read more →

Vlogging killed the blogging star

Actually, I think that wedding planning is killing my blogging, but for the last couple of weeks, vlogging has also cut into my spare blogging time both at home and at the day job. The Guardian has just started a vlogging project with Current TV. It’s been fun, if not a little challenging. I sit in front of a webcam… Read more →

links for 2008-01-30

Eric Ulken | Technical skills in journalism jobs Kevin: Via Cyberjournalist. I recently was asked what technical skills journalists need. Here’s a tag map based on Good start. (tags: journalism skills technical)

A tangle with gravity

I wrote this post yesterday afternoon, but technical problems stopped me from being able to post it. Horizon was, by the way, fab. Whilst Kev and I were at the gym this morning, we caught an interview with Dr Brian Cox on BBC Breakfast, talking to Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams about an episode of Horizon, What on Earth is… Read more →

YouTube providing another political ‘channel’

TechPresident and The Nation in the US highlight an interesting trend in the presidential elections this year, and that is that YouTube is providing a venue for candidates’ speeches that might otherwise get lost in the mainstream media agenda of the day. They point out that Barack Obama’s speech is the fourth most watched video on YouTube, trailing a couple… Read more →

links for 2008-01-28

Making money from journalism: new media business models (A model for the 21st century newsroom pt5) « Online Journalism Blog Kevin: Paul Bradshaw looks at the business side of 21st Century journalism. Pay attention to him when he says that advertising is not enough. 40% of online ad spends goes to search engines. (tags: journalism BusinessModels advertising search Google)

links for 2008-01-27

All this online sharing has to stop | Technology | Suw: I could just kiss Charles Arthur for this piece. Sadly, much of the music industry remains welded to the past, and shows no indication that they are even capable of change. Oh well, the world will just change without them. (tags: copyright music newspapers IFPIstupidity ISPs internettax internet… Read more →

Building community on Everyblock is now live, and in online journalism circles, the buzz is up there with the iPhone. Brad Flora at Chicago Methods Reporter probably put it best when he said: (UPDATE: sincere apologies to Brad for not including the link to his post in my original post) The site’s as close to a “rock star” launch as you’ll see in… Read more →

Newspaper burnout

Romenesko points out a study from Ball State University pointing that more than a quarter of newspaper journalists plan to ‘leave newspaper journalism’. One thing that should be particularly worrying is that the number wanting to leave the profession is higher for younger journalists. The conclusion is that newspaper journalist burnout is on the rise. When those who said they… Read more →

links for 2008-01-25

Techdirt: Best Selling Author Actively Pirating His Own Book — Finds It Helps Sales Tremendously Suw: Another author experiments with giving his stuff away for free online, and finds it boosts sales. (tags: paulocoelho books publishing openIP sales author online freeculture org-cbde) Alchemist Author Pirates His Own Books | TorrentFreak Suw: More on Paulo Coelho giving his own books away… Read more →

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