New RSS feeds

I’m not sure how long they’ve been there (Kev and I rely on the Corante team for blog tech development), but I’ve just noticed that Kev and I now have our own RSS feeds! So if you want to follow just one of us, or to have our feeds separate in your RSS reader, you now can:

Also, I’m still not getting emails when people leave comments that need moderating, so apologies if your comments don’t get moderated straight away.

2 thoughts on “New RSS feeds

  1. I just came across a note-to-self to tell you about this, which I realised would start working when Strange Attractor moved over to WordPress.
    I was just checking the URL worked before I mailed you and “Voila!” You’d already discovered it.

    Presumably you also know about Suw’s posts and Kevin’s posts, which are the non-feed lists of your respective posts.

    That does mean we can do something in the sidebar of Choc ‘n’ Vodka (or wherever) like we talked about a long time ago.

  2. Thanks Mike!! Yes, I discovered that WP lets us now have author feeds, which is fab. I’ve got a new theme over on, and have my posts fed directly into it. Fab stuff! God, I love WP!!

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