Social media resources for civil society associations

Short and sweet blog post this: What resources are available for civil society organisations who want to learn about how to use social media? What are the best guides to blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Ning, etc.? Where would you tell the founder of a new charity to start?

All suggestions and comments gratefully accepted!

7 thoughts on “Social media resources for civil society associations

  1. NCVO’s ICT-Hub produced a good ‘how-to’ and practical case studies of how organisations have used social media, which are downloadable from their site:

  2. My advice is always: just do it. start a blog, open a twitter account. Don’t tell anyone at first, then slowly start exposing to friends for feedback. Then start reading about it.

    The problem is that too many managers (NGOs as well as businesses) buy a book, get excited, and then task someone to “blog for us”. That just doesn’t work. To understand the medium, you have to be in the medium.

  3. This is exactly the question a group of my friends need an answer to yesterday!!

    They are trying to save an oak tree in Somerset.

    Very much a need help now and quick thing, that Facebook group has 400 plus members, but in some ways, so what!!

    The developers won’t give a monkeys.

    They have started a twitter but with 6 people following I guess Lucombe Oak is not going to be in the trend cloud soon.

    Can social media networks create enough noise fast enough to make a difference I wonder??

    What weight does having x members of a group have??

    I’m asking questions, not answerign them sorry!!

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  5. I think it really depends on what they want to use social media for. I get slightly scared about people thinking they have to be on a particular platform or social network for the sake of it or to tick a box. I also worry slightly about “x charity is doing this, so we’d better do it as well”. If Twitter doesn’t work for your charity, that’s OK.

    Either have a specific plan on what you want to achieve, or just go on and start a conversation.

    I’d also point them to – there is some pretty amazing stuff on here, and pretty much all volunteers.


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