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links for 2009-11-30

Tough Times Turn Newspaper Lenders into Owners – DealBook Blog – Kevin: This a bad news/good news analysis of the US newpaper industry. Banks and other financial firms have taken a controlling interest in dozens of newspapers including some major tltles. The bad news is that newspaper ad revenue is set to bring in $27bn this year, which is… Read more →

The decline of empire

Oh, I love a bit of infoporn and this is a truly glorious visualisation of the decline of the British, Spanish, French and Portuguese maritime empires by Pedro Cruz. (For a bigger version, pop along to Vimeo.) Cruz explains: The data refers to the evolution of the top 4 maritime empires of the XIX and XX centuries by extent. I… Read more →

links for 2009-11-28

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods Kevin: A compilation of visualisation methods with brief examples of each. It's a good starting point when you've got data that you want to visualise. (tags: data design visualization visualisation analytics information howto graph charts) The Sun's social network tools should add revenue as well as readers | Opinion | New Media Age Kevin:… Read more →

Infoporn Friday

Infoporn Friday

First up, David McCandless’ Billion Pound-O-Gram which very neatly allows us to compare how big various large sums of money are in relationship to each other: Then there’s this Periodic Table of Visualization Methods. Mouseover each ‘element’ for an illustration of the method. And finally, Pedro Cruz’s visualisation of the decline of the world’s four major maritime empires, which is… Read more →

links for 2009-11-27

More emerges on Microsoft’s dance with newspapers Kevin: Mike Butcher adds more detail on Microsoft's discussion with Rupert Murdoch's News International about 'de-indexing' their content from Google and being paid by Microsoft as an exclusive search provider on Bing. The most interesting tidbit: "Money talks, obviously, and we understand that the payments could be a) part in revenue share from… Read more →

Merlin Mann’s Time & Attention talk

I love Merlin Mann’s way of thinking about productivity, the way that we work and our relationship with our working life. This is a great talk that he gave last year about, yes, Time & Attention. Merlin talks about our relationship to email, the usefulness of re-negotiation, and our need to recognise that our time and attention are scarce resources… Read more →

The role of dopamine in social media

What is it that makes our inbox such an enticing place that we spend hours there every day? It’s a question that fascinates me, mainly because I have such an uncomfortable relationship with email. I get lots of it, am often slow to respond and frequently end up feeling guilty because my email has got the best of me. Psychologist… Read more →

Is tendering right for social software projects?

One of the most important stages in building a relationship with a new client is, in my opinion, requirements gathering. Partly this happens even before a deal is struck, because consultants need to know top level requirements before they can put together a proposal. Once work begins there’s usually a more formal and detailed requirements gathering phase during which one… Read more →

links for 2009-11-24 | Tech Blog | Roku opens TV app store for OTT channels Kevin: Consumer electronics and television is starting to look a like the computer-driven home media centres that have been around for a few years. Roku and XBMC port Boxee are going head-to-head, but we're also starting to see connected televisions with their own applications. The battle for… Read more →

CoTweet: Twitter tools get collaborative

Searching for the perfect Twitter tool is a bit like searching for Shangri-La: You know it’s out there somewhere and you can find it if you just search hard enough. I was a Twhirl addict for a long time, but recently switched to Tweetie as Twhirl was hammering my Mac’s processors a bit too much. Tweetie is more compact and… Read more →

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